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Fan Art

Welcome to the TW fanart page.  Just click on the thumbnails to view the entire pic, 'kay? ^_^

First up is a piece by Rann, creator of "Wereworld."

Tasha's World as The Powerpuff Girls
Next is a beautiful Autumn Equinox piccie, also by Rann ("Wereworld")...

Tasha's World for the Autumn Equinox
And then, another pic from Rann ("Wereworld"), for Samhain (also known as Hallowe'en, y'all...)...

Tasha's World for Samhain

Here's one from Kit ("Explosive & Stuff")...

Tasha, by Kit

This one was drawn by my 8-year-old son, obviously inspired by the "Tasha's World" logo I was using at the time:
Winston, by Samuel Halter

This one comes from Fernando Ramos (Sombra), who provides an alternate take on Tasha's "policy" about dating blondes...
Tasha reconsiders her stance on dating blondes?

Pizza party!  Served up by Anastasia of Wikkinz.  Save me a slice with extra mushrooms!  ^_^
Tasha's World pizza party, by Anastasia

Tasha asks Stephanie the eternal question, courtesy of Erin Lindsey of Venus Envy:

Tasha pops the question, by Erin Lindsey

That's all I have, so far...  If you'd like to see your own art up here, then send it in!  Click the "E-Mail" link above, or this one right here:  E-Mail me!

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