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Tasha's World

This is where you can find TW stuff for download or for sale, and info about stuff you can get as my way of saying "Thank you" for a donation.  It's kind of sparse right now, but that will change.  Official TW merchandise can be found at the *NEW* online shop.

First up, a wallpaper that is available to anyone making a donation of $2 or more:
Click to see a larger preview

Next up, the very first ever TW limited edition print.  All prints are 8" x 10", suitable for framing.  Click the thumbnail below for a preview:

#1:  Fanservice
- $10

Shipping costs are not included in the price of the print, and will vary depending on whether you want shipping insurance, priority delivery, or delivery outside the U.S.  E-mail me for shipping information, or else just add 50 cents for normal, no-frills shipping.



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